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Snapped Cam Belt

A reconditioned cylinder head

If you find your engine has no compression, it could be that your cam belt has snapped.  Your cam belt has a limited lifespan, and should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear.  Unfortunately, a snapped cam belt can result in damage to your engine, including bending your valves or damaging your cylinder head.

Dunright can inspect the condition of your cam belt and replace it if necessary. If your cam belt has snapped, we can take a look at your engine to determine the extent of the damage and give you a quote for repairing the damage.

We can;

  • Remove and pressure test your cylinder head
  • Repair cylinder heads that are not cracked
  • Replace cracked cylinder heads
  • Replace bent valves and cracked guides
  • Recut valve seats

If your cylinder head needs replacing, we have certain reconditioned cylinder heads available off the shelf.